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Liquor Liability Insurance for Fine Dining & Family Restaurants

Having liquor liability insurance is a critical — and depending on the state, required — safety measure to mitigate the risks that are borne for restaurants that serve alcohol. In many cases, it’s needed in order to secure a liquor license. Some states also have dram shop laws, which are in place to hold businesses accountable for the actions of customers who are intoxicated and injures someone else or damages property. This could also include if a patron who became intoxicated at your establishment gets into a car accident or assaults another patron.

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Tailored Coverage for Fine Dining & Family Restaurants

There are many different types of insurance for Fine Dining & Family Restaurants, but some common ones include:

  • General Liability Insurance: This covers basic risks like customer injuries, property damage, and lawsuits.
  • Product Liability Insurance: This protects you if someone gets sick or injured from your products.
  • Property Insurance: This covers your building, inventory, and equipment in case of fire, theft, or other disasters.