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Workers' Compensation Coverage
for Food and Beverage Businesses

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for the Food and Beverage Industry

There are many inevitabilities in the restaurant and hospitality industries. The fast-paced environment that includes wet kitchen floors, hot stoves and sharp knives often yields cuts, burns and slip and falls, which lead to expensive hospital bills, time missed from work and financial losses for businesses in the industry. As your business operations expand, it’s important to make sure you’re protected when the unexpected happens. Onboarding new team members and increasing your floor space makes it essential that your workers’ compensation policy has your business covered. Our goal is to help food and beverage business owners manage their premiums and keep their employees safe.

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Tailored Coverage For Workers' Compensation Coverage for Food and Beverage Businesses

There are many different types of insurance for Food and Beverage Businesses, but some common ones include:

  • General Liability Insurance: This covers basic risks like customer injuries, property damage, and lawsuits.
  • Product Liability Insurance: This protects you if someone gets sick or injured from your products.
  • Property Insurance: This covers your building, inventory, and equipment in case of fire, theft, or other disasters.